What makes you different…It is not a question.

5 Questions productive people ask every day

  1. What is today’s top priority?

Look through your list and decide what has to get done that day. No matter what life throws at you, you will accomplish that one thing.

Start the day and pick one thing that is not negotiable that day.

  1. What are the roadblocks?

Look for the roadblocks or possible pitfalls. Does the time of day interfere with another event or task? Who are you counting on to do their part and are they reliable? Do you have a contingency? You must to coordinate around roadblocks.

  1. Who is my customer for this?

The focus has to be to work with the end in mind. What does the customer or client want or need? Why work on things that does not serve a purpose other than take up your time.

  1. How will this create value?

Lost productivity and minimal value go hand in hand. Unproductive people are not creating value, they are wasting time. Just because you put in the hours does not equate to creating value. In fact it is the easiest way to lose clients.

  1. What should I skip?

It’s such a freeing concept to remind yourself, on a daily basis, that some things are not worth doing. You establish what needs to get done, identify your audience, and create value as described above. Then, you skip anything else that is superfluous, a time-waster, or are not a top priority.

You will soon find how much time you have for things that have substance and yield results.

No need for the noise if you are hyper focused and have a TRUE vision of who you are.


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