The Power of Consistency in your business and in life.

Consistency is a necessary component in success.

Oddly enough, most people do not know just how important consistency is.  Most of us start something and get very excited at the onset, much like motivational programs.  We watch the video, listen to the CD, or even attend a seminar.  It is fact that within six weeks we stop doing the very thing we actually paid to listen to.  Once the initial adrenalin rush wears off, it falls by the wayside.

But when you are truly passionate about something, you will maintain the consistency of doing it.  You still have to maintain your discipline to keep going through the peaks and valleys. When you get through that first valley, the results can sometimes be quite amazing and the peaks are breathtaking.

The main four principals of consistency


Building up to a strong discipline is not as hard as you think. Set a timeline with specific tasks. For example, lets say you are looking to develop a way to stay in touch with your client base. Begin first with an initial email reintroducing yourself and communicate that they will be receiving an email each month with specific information that will be relevant to them. Maybe a newsletter or a blog. Next, set your calendar reminders to send out that blog each and every month. Once this is set in motion, hand it off to an assistant that can maintain it for you. But equally as important as the blog is the need to communicate to your client base each month, without fail, and the reasons you are sending them out.

Passion & Patience

Today’s society is all about immediate gratification. The “Now” factor. For those of you that know me, I suffer from that syndrome. What I have found is that when you have patience, the result is more stable. Without a doubt, the need for passion is paramount in order to achieve success. The trick is to balance that passion and need for immediate gratification with patience. Show the passion you have for what you do and then sit back and watch as the results pour in. If you exude the passion you have properly, there is no need to push the envelope.


Actually taking action is the single most important factor in success. It is great to come up with dynamic and powerful ideas, but until you act and execute, you are simply mentally masturbating. Once you have developed the plan, mapped out the method of the execution, EXECUTE IT. Do not procrastinate. Do not overthink it. Do not wait until it is perfect. There is no such thing as perfection. You will uncover any imperfections once you initiate the process and actual work the plan.


Now that you have taken action, it is time to analyze and focus. What worked and what didn’t. Capture the “Genie in the Bottle.”  What steps did you take from beginning to end to achieve the result that is best for you? Then repeat it over and over again with razor sharp focus. Remember, 20% of the tasks you do are responsible for 80% of your success. Work smarter after you work harder. Focus on what works and doing it consistently.


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