One-on-One Coaching

SPG’s  One-on-One counseling model and coaching platform was developed with one goal in mind, to improve persistency and consistency, decrease stress, build up your God given skill sets and enhance the communication between you and others.

Our one-on-one coaching program is split into two layers, as follows;


“Removing the Noise”

All clients will enter into their sessions under the “Removing the Noise” program. “Removing the Noise” is a six-month one-on-one coaching program designed to achieve recognizable results for the client while assessing the areas in which the client would like enhancement.

Together, Coach and client will identify the barriers that are inhibiting growth and develop a specific plan to remove these barriers, allowing the client to experience the goals they set out to achieve.

Each in-depth coaching session will last two hours and will take place 4x a month for a total of 24 meetings.  Two weekly phone schedules will be developed for a total of an hour per week to discuss the individualized plan and the progression being made. It is normally anticipated that in this first six-month period, the client will experience significant breakthroughs in understanding their goals and the roadmap on how to obtain them and in the end,  they will have gotten rid of the “Noise” that drives them. Specific programs will be contrived by the coach and implemented by the client to ensure substantial results. Clients will experience enhanced performance, symmetry and command over the environment around them for each one of their desired areas of attention by the end of this phase.

At the end of the first six-month time period, customer and coach will appraise the status of the client’s performance improvements and will mutually decide whether the client is ready to move on to phase two of their coaching, known as “Lifestyle balance and forever Change.”  In select instances, the client will determine to remain involved in the “Stop the Noise” program for another six months in order to continue to have greater depth and focused time with their coach and to continue to uncover what has been holding them back from achieving top performance levels in their life.

“Lifestyle balance and forever Change”

Once all the “Noise” has been removed and the new actions and behaviors established, clients will then move into the  “Lifestyle and Change” portion of their training.  In this section, clients will operate within a structured plan of specific actions and accountabilities with their coach.

Bi–weekly 30-minute calls with their coach will keep the client on track and maximize performance in the areas of life where the client is looking to enhance.  New goals will be developed once current areas of focus have been mastered.

Clients will come to find that once all the noise is removed and the goals for lifestyle balance are in place, all the pieces of the puzzle will fit perfectly to achieve their womb-to-tomb goals, aspirations and desires.


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