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Strategic performance group (SPG) is all about personal coaching and it takes on many forms. At the top of our game, we pride ourselves on the one on one personal coaching for top executives and CEO’s of corporations that are looking to fine tune their already dynamic skills. SPG focuses on tools that bring balance to your life as well as increase the communication with your sales team, thus increasing productivity and a harmonious culture within your firm.

Coaching and motivation are some of the key elements towards success that SPG focuses on as a professional coaching company.  SPG prides itself on empowering professionals with their unique coaching model and philosophy that will propel them towards their individualized goals of success, wealth and power, in both business and life itself.

SPG is spearheaded by coaching professional, David Findel, who is a renowned connoisseur in the leadership development field. The company along with David, has developed numerous coaching programs such as the “Power of Accountability”, “Leadership Development” and “Removing The Noise”.  David Findel, has for many years been behind the development of SPG’s coaching and leadership programs. He applies his vast knowledge and experience in leadership development to the backbone of SPG’s effective coaching programs.  It is SPG’s philosophy that although each program stands alone, the common denominator is “YOU” and our focus lies on what you have inside in order to achieve your goals.

SPG knows that many individuals have high hopes of achieving different goals in their lives, however, hope is not a strategy. There are numerous obstacles that may deter you from realizing your objectives.  Besides identifying your needs and designing an action plan that will help you achieve your goals, SPG also identifies “The NOISE” that may be interfering with your plans. Here at SPG, we pride ourselves on having a one-on-one relationship with our clients so we may identify an individuals needs and improve upon the skill sets they already possess.

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