What is Coaching?

Strategic Performance coaching philosophy.

At SPG we identify all of your positive and distinctive attributes that you currently possess and we work closely with you to harness and bring them out to the forefront in all spheres of your life.

It could be said that the more you peel back the layers of the onion in search of the answers, at its core, the more you will find that it’s the “Noise” you tell yourself that holds you back.

SPG is a personal one-on-one coaching company with methodologies designed by David Findel to enhance your leadership skills, while motivating you to achieve all of your goals.  It is quite easy to set your goals and assume you are actually working towards them, but the reality is, life gets in the way and the ”NOISE” sets in.  The noise is every little thing you tell yourself as to why things are going wrong for you, or as to why your performance is not up to the mark.  At the end of the day, this is where we come in; the essence of our programs is “ACCOUNTABILITY” to yourself.

“The difference between a dream and a goal is that a goal has a time line and a defined plan on how to get there.”

Below are the areas in which clients are often seeking enhancement in their lives:

Our job at SPG is to design a personalized coaching program that focuses on the areas of your life where you feel you are not content. A great coach at SGP, will help you identify and remove the “NOISE” that you tell yourself, while creating a plan to give you the road map to achieve the goals in your life that mean the most.

Think of someone at the top of their game, in their career and in their life.  Whether it be a famous player, an athlete, a politician or a master of industry, mostly, you will feel that behind the backdrop there is a coach setting the stage for them to radiate, directing them to do what they do best and ALWAYS keeping them accountable to themselves; lastly but most importantly, “Removing the Noise”.


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