The SPG Difference

The Strategic Performance Group Difference

What makes Strategic Performance Group different than other coaching companies in the market place?

As our tagline clarifies, “Mediocrity is Unacceptable,”  we do not compromise on our quality measures. Our Coaching Model and Philosophy is based on the positive attributes you have as well as what is needed for you to succeed. Our accountability model centers on the one-on-one relationship with your coach, not a motivational talk in a large forum, or a set of CD’s to listen to.

The life experience and unique personality of David Findel

“Removing the Noise”

Our coaching model is specifically designed to identify your needs on a one-on-one basis in order to enhance the skills that you already own. We will determine the “Noise” that is intervening with your goals and craft a methodical plan in order to attain your desired results. Most importantly, we will maintain the consistent accountability of yourself.

The SPG Coaching model is designed to source the true “Noise” as to why the results are not in line with the goals and plans set forth.

Then address the underlying issues that are inhibiting you from attaining your goals.

It’s simply at this level that a program can be established and adhered to long term, with lasting results.

This same methodology holds true for permanent change in all areas of life that a client would choose to focus on in their coaching, including but certainly not limited to:

Strategic Performance Group is a specific needs based solution provider… No Noise!



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