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At SPG, we truly believe that everything in life comes down to relationships.  To be successful in any walk of life, from personal to business, you have to know how to build and maintain solid relationships. As lead developer David Findel states, “Strong relationships lead to not only success but to wealth and a sense of fulfillment.”

As an SPG client, you will end up with an intimate working relationship developed between you and your coach. No different than between any highly motivated sports figure and their coach. Together, the focus will be built upon on respect, trust, communication, but most importantly, a mutual understanding of what your goals are on how to get there.  We help you break through old barriers and develop new practices so you can reach your desired goals.

At the end of the day, you will see for yourself how easy and effective it is to eliminate the hurdles and the restraints that hold you back from achieving your goals. We will help you set the parameters to maintain the accountability for yourself, as well as the expectations and the standards you set for the people around you. Furthermore, you will be able to formulate a meticulous assessment of your business and objectives, besides determining the basis of your natural personality and behavioral traits.

SPG’s main goal is to empower the leader within. We give you all the tools you will need for success. Our leadership developers will formulate a specific custom plan to achieve each and every one of your goals. You set the agenda, and we serve as the sounding board. We keep you focused on your plan to break the old barriers and see the new practices rise to the top.  Having a coach by your side that will maintain and help you be accountable to your plan will place you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.



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