Naive or passion?

It’s that time again…Graduation season. Once again, a new generation of entrepreneurs will be entering the work force. Their minds are blooming and vibrant with new ideas, filled with an abundance of cutting-edge information and fresh insights. They are ready to tackle the world and all that is being thrust upon them.


Or have you been polluted by all the NOISE society has tried so hard to convince you of? Truth be told, it is not society as a whole that are the naysayers. It is the miserable losers that have quit, along with the negative people who want to drag you down in the mud with them because they haven’t reached the pinnacle of success they had hoped for.

It’s been two years since Admiral William H. McRaven gave this mind-shifting Commencement Address to the University of Texas. There are no excuses in this man’s life. Neither is there procrastination. It is not because he is an Admiral and has risen to the top of the food chain. It’s not that he is a Navy SEAL and has done what mortal men can’t imagine doing. It’s not that he is one of the most respected men in the Navy. It IS because he LIVES WHAT HE BELIEVES.   There is no “Noise.” Rather, it is all about action, execution and results.

Wake up every morning with a purpose that is in line with your vision and with the passion that things WILL get done. Live your life knowing that you will make a difference in this world and that difference begins NOW!!

Be true to yourself, knowing that nothing is to be taken for granted and nothing happens without you being in the driver’s seat. Go through life using the God-given talents that have been bestowed upon you and blessed with the drive to make things happen. Life has an odd way of showing us what is real.

My father has taught me many things in my life. One of his favorite sayings stands out when I hear it: “Man plans, God laughs.” The test is: What does this mean to you? You can believe that your life is destiny and as long as you are a good person your life will follow the course that is laid out for you OR…

You can take it to mean that God has blessed you with immense talent, intense drive and unwavering passion in order to achieve greatness with a vision to change something in this world and to live the life that has been laid at your feet. It is ultimately your choice to pick the path. Is God going to laugh because you were not listening or is he going to laugh from the joy of you succeeding? Remember the edge you had before the “Noise”?

Live with vision! Live with passion! Live with the power of results! Live NOW!

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