Strategic Performance Group Hosts ‘Beyond Business Mastery’

Professionals, entrepreneurs and executives from the New York metropolitan area converged last weekend to participate in ‘Beyond Business Mastery.’ The immersive training boot camp was presented by David Findel, top leadership development coach and strategist for Strategic Performance Group, a professional firm that provides consulting in business strategies, leadership development, business development and coaching, motivational training and lifestyle balance.

Held at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, the intensive two-day course focused on arming attendees with the skills necessary to get the results they want both personally and professionally in 2017 and beyond. The premise behind the transformational course, and the message that Findel hopes each participant will internalize going forward, is that business is a life pursuit. Your business will not grow unless you grow as an individual. If you want to lead others, you must lead yourself first.

Findel, an expert in the field of leadership development for over 25 years, uses a unique and strategic methodology to guide participants through a series of exercises aimed at driving them to set actionable goals to establish an environment of accountability and a team approach to growth and prosperity. His goal is to teach people, regardless of the industry they are in, to build a results-oriented culture of unwavering passion that learns to listen by ‘removing the noise.’

Findel believes that one of the most critical components to achieving success is accountability—research supports that those who set detailed and measurable goals, and hold themselves accountable to them, achieve greater levels of success than those who don’t. When you connect goals to every aspect of your life, you’ll have the power of passion and success fueled by the fire from within.

One attendee, CFO of a New York-based Fortune 500 firm found the boot camp invaluable. “Very invigorating,” he said. “Not the typical motivational seminar, but a detailed road map to success.“

A managing director of a global investment banking firm notes,“I have been doing business with David for almost twenty years, but going to his mastermind seminar was nothing shy of great. I will be reaching out to him Monday morning to have him come into my firm.”

The next installment of Strategic Performance Group’s 2017 Industry Leader Mastermind Series will be held in April 29th. For more information, or to sign up, call 888-417-5950.

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