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25 Years In The Making And It Is Working In A Big Way

January 12, 2015 | Monmouth county, New Jersey – New Jersey based Strategic Performance Group, is proud to announce that its Leadership Development coach, David Findel, has already reached its coaching capacity in the first quarter of 2015 and cannot accommodate any new clients. SPG is a well-known professional services firm providing consulting in leadership development, Business development and coaching, motivational training and overall lifestyle balance.  The group headed by David Findel, a renowned connoisseur in the leadership development field, has developed numerous coaching programs such as the “Power of Accountability”, “Leadership Development” and “Removing The Noise”.

According to the sources, Findel definitely understands what methodologies work and for what industries, owing to his great ability to turn the ordinary into highly successful. Findel, has been training highly motivated sales people in the financial world for over 25 years which contributes to the growing practice of coaching presidents, CEO’s and leaders of stock brokerages, Real estate, Mortgage and Insurance firms as well as various other financial institutions. Some sources also believe that David has now become a highly sought after coach for business leaders whom just happen to have an MD, JD and CPA as part of their title, surprisingly enough even celebrity chef.

Findels’ allure comes from the fact that he himself has been in a position to rise to the top. At the young age of 23, after removing what he calls “Noise” and breaking down the barriers that held him back, he began making “things happen”, as he is so proud to say. He has a deep appreciation for the balance that is needed to obtain wealth and happiness. Now he has a myriad of professions and professionals turning to him to for help with their Business development, time management and leadership skills so they can reach their own “next level”, or as Findel is so proud of saying, “Their Pinnacle of personal performance”.

At least two of the last 2014 clients have renewed their contract for another 6 months, extending their term from 6 months to a full year. SPG is now in the process of interviewing potential clients for the March 2015 coaching program.

In the future, Findel will be looking for “NO Nonsense” individuals who are committed to changing their lives in a significant way. As Findel has often stated, “Mediocrity Is Unacceptable”, hence, he will be even more selective in his recruiting process. “Success is an end product”, “There are no shortcuts, just do the right things on a daily basis and be accountable to yourself” the way I teach it, that’s my coaching philosophy. Everything else will follow suit.

David is considered an expert in the field of leadership development, and is a highly respected and sought after speaker, consultant and coach.

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