Posted on March 17, 2015

Get Healthy

It’s Spring! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the sun is shining and faces are smiling. There is nothing quite like it!

Spring is often the time of year when you engage in some spring cleaning; getting rid of what’s been stored over the winter that you doubt you will ever use again. Cleaning the yard and around your home ridding yourself of the debris that has built up over the winter, and creating more order in your cupboards and closets.

What about your mental debris? You know, those limiting beliefs, those skewed expectations, that internal dialogue – “The Noise” — that is just not serving you any longer. What do you do with that? Most of us simply let it sit; like the filters in our furnace, these mental filters stay filled with dusty debris — much of which we no longer have use. Yet those beliefs, expectations, and thoughts influence every aspect of your life. They influence not just how you interpret what you experience, but they influence what you notice (and what you don’t).

In the spirit of spring and of cleaning, here are six reasons for more mental.   (The acronym is HEALTH)

Hindrance: Get rid of the people in your life that are a hindrance. The naysayers. The negative people that hate their lives. The very people that are always complaining about the Noise that they create in their own lives and are not willing to do anything about it, in turn it spills over into your life.

Energy: Constructive, positive thoughts create energy. If you want more energy (and I cannot say I have met anyone who said they didn’t), you need to ensure you nourish your brain and your bloodstream with chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin…natural, effective, healthy ‘dope’ for your brain!

Assurance: The only way to be sure (as sure as you possibly can) you will be mentally healthy/psychologically well is to take preventative, deliberate steps to be mindful of your mind (thoughts). When you first engage this thought pattern, you will be surprised at some of the thoughts that are holding you back from fully experiencing a full life.

Life: Your very life depends on your psychological health. Without a healthy brain — one that serves you — your very life is at stake. (Not to be overly dramatic — but, really, think about it!!)

Trust: Cleaning out the debris in your brain — the negative thoughts, the limiting beliefs, the unrealistic expectations, the life-sucking story — will inspire trust in yourself and others’ trust in you. You’ll be the kind of person other people want to be around. And that increase in social connection with nourish your brain, which relies on it!

Harmony: In a world filled with epic disasters (planes disappearing, ferries sinking, extreme weather destroying homes and lives) and stories of people losing control of their psychological well-being (murder- suicides, workplace shootings, violent rampages) Mental Spring Cleaning will help you to add some peace and balance in a world of people that settle for mediocrity. Rise above -the social mediocrity and be a true “One-Percenter”.

What’s your favorite mental hygiene habit?

At the end of the day, you are in control of your own behavior.  Clean out the noise and make life everything that you desire, crave and deserve.




Posted on March 11, 2015

The power of coaching.


How apropos to stumble upon a clip of this funny movie (Shallow Hal) to make today’s point.

I’m sure most of us at one time or another has seen the movie starring Jack Black (Hal Larson) as the superficial, modelesque obsessed man who only sees a woman’s physical beauty instead of their inner beauty. Of Course, as fate would have it, he runs into the famous Life Coach and Self-Help guru Tony Robbins, whom, while stuck in an elevator, hypnotizes Hal into recognizing only the inner beauty of women.

The question lends itself, how does this relate to everyday business?

If you want to be a LEADER, then you need to be credible. In order to be credible and accomplish that, you need to know whom you are talking to, whether it is a single individual or an entire audience. If you are presenting yourself or your message in a superficial manner, then you are not going to come across as real or authentic.

Listen very carefully, I’m the guru today and you are my shallow Hal. Let me hypnotize you into believing two very important things…

In order to be successful, the person on the other side of the table needs to BELIEVE and FEEL within themselves that you are being sincere, honest and have their best interest at heart. Then and only then do you have the platform to demonstrate that you are the expert in the field, and in turn they will buy you and what you are selling.

The reality is, in our ever-changing society where everyone is looking towards the Internet or technology in order to satisfy their every desire, the truth is, people are craving the basics. The one on one, face-to-face real person interaction, in order to confide in someone they truly feel comfortable giving their business to, but most importantly, trust to get the job done. The competition is so small. With all of the call centers in other countries and all of the commerce done over the internet, more and more high powered individuals are craving the REAL sales professional. Not some call center operator or superficial idiot on the other end of a internet connection.

Dare to be different, stop trying to follow a script, take control of your sales process and demonstrate in all areas of your life that you are the rainmaker. That you are the true professional in your world. That at the end of the day the people you meet not only want to do business with you, but they NEED you in their lives.